Click-to-Call and Call Analytics providers, such as LogMyCalls and Ring Revenue, give marketers deep insight into phone calls. Atmio makes using click-to-call phone numbers from LogMyCalls, Ring Revenue and other providers easy as 1-2-3. Merely use our Call Company element and then enter your LogMyCalls or Ring Revenue account ID and any other  parameters you need to set. That’s it, we do the rest – your landing page will display with the Click-to-Call phone number provided by LogMyCalls or Ring Revenue.

With a LogMyCalls account, Atmio users can quickly and easily drop a click-to-call number into their mobile landing page. LogMyCalls has advanced features such as automated mobile engagement with SMS textback, pay per call analytics and lead scoring with speech analytics. Sign up for LogMyCallsto track calls made from your mobile landing page.


Using LogMyCalls or RingRevenue is as easy as 1-2-3. Just add your LogMyCalls or Ring Revenue ID/parameters in our Call Company element

LogMyCalls Implementation

RingRevenue Implementation