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Team atmio

atmio in a nutshell

A team of engineers, scientists, and business professionals committed to sustainability in the gas industry.

Our management

We have comprehensive expertise in methane technology, software & hardware development, the gas industry and together deliver solutions with profound proficiency.

Our values

Ownership & Trust

Encourage proactive ownership, granting the freedom and responsibility to make impactful decisions. This fosters a trustworthy atmosphere where integrity and active engagement pave the way for collective confidence and success.

Greatness & Impact

Aim for greatness and create a meaningful impact. As a united dream team dedicated to excellence, we believe that our actions can significantly propel our mission and foster positive change.

Candid feedback & Embrace failure

Foster an environment of open communication and daring experimentation. Here, candid feedback and lessons learned from failures are embraced as key drivers of innovation.

Curiosity & Continuous Learning

Encourage a culture where insatiable curiosity and ongoing learning are central, promoting knowledge sharing that fuels both personal and organizational growth.

Customer obsession & Dedication

Prioritize customer success through a deep understanding of their needs, ensuring every decision and action aims to deliver exceptional experiences and build lasting, service-driven relationships.

Respect & Objectivity

Uphold an unwavering commitment to treating each individual with dignity. Approach challenges with a straightforward, ego-free, and fact-focused mindset.

Our world-class supporters

Backed by world-class industry and technology experts, our company benefits from a depth of experience and a breadth of knowledge that spans across various sectors. These leaders not only bring their specialized skills but also a global perspective and a commitment to innovation, ensuring we stay at the forefront of our field.

Our shareholders

Our shareholders include a distinguished group of industry leaders and innovators, bringing a wealth of knowledge, resources, and strategic vision to propel our mission forward.

Want to become part of atmio?

Have a look on our career page and get in touch with us. We are looking forward getting to know you.