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The operating system for effortlessly finding, fixing, and reporting methane emissions

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faster processes



In the field or at the desk, atmio's handheld, mobile app, and platform are fully interconnected for automated reporting.

Easy operations in the field

Measure methane emissions easily with the atmio handheld in the field, documented automatically in the mobile app.

atmio handheld

A smart methane leak detector designed for effortless LDAR in the field:

  • Easy one-button control, seamlessly connected to the mobile app.
  • Accurate measurements compliant with international standards.
  • Quick feedback with a multi-color status LED and sound.
  • Convenient mounting on a telescopic rod for accessing hard-to-reach spots.
  • Robust and portable industrial design for easy carrying.

atmio mobile app

App to control the handheld, automate documentation and complete work orders:

  • Reduce manual work with digital and automated documentation.
  • Take full control of the handheld device, reading live ppm and calculated kg/h values.
  • Minimize human errors and ensure audit-proof operations.
  • Enhance efficiency through optimized campaigns and survey routes.
  • Conduct additional field operations, such as managing repairs and re-surveying and monitoring leaks.

Efficient desk management

Simplify the management of LDAR surveys, repair and monitoring schedules and reporting with atmio's digital solutions from the desk

atmio platform

A central & organized place to manage all LDAR-related operations:

  • Effortlessly view measured data, leaks, and components across one or multiple facilities.
  • Efficiently manage tasks for repairs, new measurements, or re-surveys.
  • Simplify the planning of new LDAR surveys to maintain compliance and stay up-to-date.
  • Quickly flag environmental and safety-related issues to inform stakeholders.
  • Generate one-click automatic reports for OGMP and local authorities, including EU regulation compliance.

One-click EU and OGMP compliant reports, smart analytics, and predictive maintenance

Our solution streamlines leak detection and repair processes, while ensuring effortless compliance.

EU and OGMP reporting

Streamline compliance with automated reporting for EU and OGMP standards. Just download and submit, simplifying your regulatory adherence.


Harness analytics to detect patterns and enhance operational efficiency. Understand where and why methane leaks occur, directing your focus effectively.

Predictive maintenance

Prevent issues before they arise with data-driven maintenance strategies, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous, safe and environmental operation.

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