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We empower natural gas operators to effortlessly find, fix, and report methane emissions

easy. efficient. compliant.

Move beyond manual processes, outdated software, and old hardware

With our solution, Leak Detection and Repair processes become easy and efficient, effortlessly ensuring compliance with OGMP and the new EU regulation on reducing methane emissions.


Intuitive controls and streamlined workflows allow easy internal LDAR, even with minimal training.


Automate documentation and reporting to save time in the field and at the desk, eliminating manual tasks and unnecessary steps.


Our workflows and reporting are always aligned with current regulations, offering peace of mind and consistent compliance.

atmio OS - operation system for clean natural gas operations

Our all-in-one solution integrates cutting-edge software and hardware for sustainable operations.


Easily inspect components and detect leaks with our smart handheld gas leak detector. Measurement and leak data is seamlessly recorded and transmitted to the platform via our mobile app.


Efficiently manage leaks and repairs using automated workflows in our mobile app and platform. After a repair, re-survey and document your work for a thorough, audit-proof process.


Generate and customise repair and monitoring schedules as well as reports on LDAR and emissions with one click. Ideal for authorities, OGMP, and other stakeholders.

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